What makes a royalty offer “the best” is more than the number on the bottom line.

A no-obligation offer you can believe in.

When the time comes to sell all or part of your oil and gas royalty interest, you want an uncomplicated process ending in a top dollar offer. When you work with Vista Royalties, an oil and gas acquisition company, you’ll discover that what makes an offer “the best” is more than the number on the bottom line.

It’s when the evaluation process helps you understand why it’s the best offer. It’s when you spend time with a dedicated, accessible point person and a service-oriented team who are all committed to empowering you with information. When a zero-pressure approach creates a hassle-free experience that gives you absolute confidence you’ve made the most educated decision possible. And when you spend less time in “financial limbo” with a nearly simultaneous transfer of payment and deed. When all those things are a part of reaching the ideal figure, the offer isn’t just the best. It’s outstanding.

You won’t find a royalty calculator on our site. Here’s why.

Calculating the value of your oil and gas royalties requires more than simple math. You need to thoroughly understand what goes into determining the worth of your future cash flow to decide whether an offer is best. That’s why we sit down with you, one-to-one, and walk through the specifics. And that’s something a simple calculator can’t do for you. Talk to Vista.

Let’s Talk.

If you, or someone you know is considering the sale of future royalty interests, please fill in your contact info on our form. That’s all we need to get started, and we will call you by the next business day. Because we make it easy for you.

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