Get a fair and accurate answer in just days.

You can count on a swift evaluation and swift offer from our experienced professionals.

Our target is to complete our evaluation of your producing oil and gas wells within 3 business days for a single well, with multiple wells possibly taking a little longer. We’ve been in the oil and gas business for decades, and know it very well, but we still take great care to evaluate your properties fairly.

A proper evaluation comes from more than just a production history.

Every well has a production history. When we evaluate a well(s), we look at more than your pay statement. We look at well location, past production history, the current operator’s information, projected future production, predicted market conditions and other factors. We validate legal ownership, decimal interest, and ensure there are no liens or other factors that could possibly affect your offer.

You’ll receive your payment up front.

Our offer is based on buying your future royalty income stream from you, and giving you a lump sum payment for that, up front. A typical offer will be in the range of 45-60 months of your current income, either for full or partial interest, but this can vary up or down based on all the factors we mentioned above.

You’ll benefit from our escrow services.

And finally, should you accept our offer to you, it will include the benefit of our escrow process. We will execute a simultaneous transfer of funds and deed through a third-party escrow service, for absolute credibility and convenience for you. You won’t be waiting to receive your payment while your signed document comes to us. You’ll get it as soon as you click Send.

You’ll receive personalized service.

With us, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. We’re a smaller firm so personal relationships are important to us. Our size lets us promise personal attention, with a sharp focus on the details that matter to you. We can guarantee our friendly professionals provide for you in an exceptional response time, every time.

We believe in giving back.

By working with us, you’ll be contributing to one or more of many worthwhile causes. You’ll be able to choose from worthwhile organizations and causes such as:

Got an existing offer?

For something as important as selling interest in your royalties, it pays to get a second or third opinion. Do you have an offer from another royalty buyer? We’re happy to review your royalty and production data and give you our own independent, no-obligation evaluation. That way you’ll know for sure. Just fill in our response form. When we call or email you, tell us you have another offer. We’ll know what to do.


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